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Explore Free Stock Image Websites For Your Print Designs Here

If art isn't your strong suit, then these websites will provide all the inspiration you need.

Explore Free Stock Image Websites For Your Print Designs Here

Designing print-ready files can be demanding. And making sure they look good can be another task altogether. Not everyone is a professional photographer or graphic designer - but there is a way around this.

Stock photography websites are online image banks that supply downloadable, ready-to-use images. Websites like Shutterstock and Getty Images offer outstanding content, but they often incur fees that can become costly over time. That's why downloading high-quality, free stock images from dedicated websites lets you create visually impressive print work - saving you time, money and effort.

Each free stock photography site has a licence to prevent misuse. And when you print your work with Mixam, we assume you will have the rights to the images/content. If you run into issues with copyright, Mixam is not responsible for any legal action that may occur as a result. It's easy to learn about your permissions, so please check before sending anything to us to reproduce. 


Before choosing your images for your print work, consider the following: 

  • What mood do you want your image to convey?
  • If you're advertising your business, does the picture positively reflect your brand?
  • Could a graphic/vector image work better than a photograph - or vice versa?
  • Is the image content appropriate for your audience?
  • What size do you need your image to be?
  • Where will you place images in your print work?

Once you have an idea of the kind of images you want to feature, check out the following websites for high-quality, free visuals:



Unsplash has a growing image library and a community base. This website covers a wide range of topics, so there's bound to be something to suit every print project. You can use the images for personal and professional purposes as long as you adhere to Unsplash's license. You don't need to give credit when you feature images, although it's appreciated.



Pixabay doesn't just feature static images. If you want to promote your print work online with animation or film, Pixabay also offers free film footage and music downloads. With a wide choice of photographs, illustrations and vectors (images made with geometric shapes), Pixabay has its own license stating you can download, edit and use images for personal and commercial use without attribution with some restrictions.


Burst Photos

Burst Photos has a diverse range of images available for download, shot by photographers the world over. The website lists popular image collections on its landing page for quick and easy navigation, or you can use the search box to narrow your options. As long as you are aware of Burst's licence and Terms of Service, you have the freedom to explore and download content. You even have permission to alter your images after download.



Pexels is a reliable website that updates its database all the time with content for every kind of print project. This website responds to the needs of its users and keeps in line with global trends and interests. Pexels has a custom license, so you cannot sell copies of individual unaltered photos, imply endorsement, compile images or negatively portray identifiable people.



Created and owned by photographer Karolina Grabowska, this website is ideal for those searching for moody and atmospheric imagery. Beautifully shot, well-lit and quick to download, Grabowska devised a custom license that grants free usage of her photos. Some exceptions include a sensitivity clause, reselling and redistributing unaltered photographs and using images that contain brands and trademarks.



Freepik offers more than just photography. With an excellent filter system, you can find what you need or even surprise yourself by making a few simple adjustments. If you're printing an item with Mixam like BooksMagazinesPosters and Flyers, Freepik recommends placing the attribution next to the image you've used. If this is not possible, place it somewhere on the printed product, but it must be visible.



Picjumbo has an impressive and appealing portfolio of images - thanks to its creator, photographer Victor Hanacek. The options on this website are sure to elevate your print projects and effectively communicate your message. But downloading images from this website comes with its own rules. Users need to be particularly cautious when using images containing brands and trademarks.


For more news and inspiration, check out the array of posts on Mixam's Blog and visit our Support section for helpful guidance and advice on all things print.


Image Credit: Unsplash

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