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Sell Smarter, Not Harder: 4 New PrintLink Features You’ll Love

Find out how we’ve made our print-on-demand service, PrintLink, even more affordable and flexible.

Sell Smarter, Not Harder: 4 New PrintLink Features You’ll Love

Mixam has launched new PrintLink features to improve how self-publishers share and sell their print-on-demand books online.


We gathered feedback from real book creators to help us create a more straightforward, streamlined service that turns book-printing dreams into a reality. Whether you’ve rustled up recipes to make a Cookbook or have a final draft ready for a Paperback Book, the last thing you need is to feel like you’re jumping through hoops to get your publication on the market and money in the bank. Barrier-free printing is at the core of these updates, so let’s tell you more about what to expect.


Feature 1: You no longer have to pay or print an initial copy to start selling your publication.

This is a real game-changer. Previously, we’d send creators a proof order to review before advising them that they can enable their shareable link. But now, there are no upfront costs, meaning no delay in getting your work seen and bought online once you’ve confirmed your order.


Feature 2: You can change your order specifications and content anytime.

Changing print specifications and content shouldn’t delay your self-publishing journey. Even when you’ve confirmed your order, enabled and shared your link, and your customers have purchased copies, you can still modify features like paper weight, cover finishes, and more hassle-free, as well as modify content. Any customers who have purchased your publication after you’ve made changes will receive your publication with the updated specifications. 

Only when you change aspects like orientation, colour printing (colour vs greyscale), page quantity, or make artwork changes will your order need reapproval from a Mixam print expert before you can reshare your PrintLink. 


Feature 3: The link to your publication will never change

No matter how many edits you make to your PrintLink order, your URL will remain unchanged. No need to update it or worry about previously-shared obsolete links


Feature 4: You can convert previous orders into PrinkLink orders.

You don’t have to pick a side when it comes to Print On Demand vs Bulk Printing. If you’ve printed with us before and ordered prints in bulk, you only need to log into your account, click your Orders tab and the relevant order number. If the order has a ‘Publishing Available’ label in the PrintLink tab, choose your specifications and click ‘Create Publication’. This will set your order from a bulk order to a PrintLink order.



The process for getting started with PrintLink remains mostly the same. But with no initial proof copies to check, the ability to change print specifications even after your publication goes to market and the opportunity to convert previous orders into PrintLink orders, we hope these new time and money-saving features will pave the way for self-publishing success.

For more news and inspiration, check out the array of posts on Mixam's Blog and visit our Support section for helpful guidance and advice on all things print.


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