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UK’s best price and quality

Small. Expressive. Immersive. Manga made to wow your readers, whoever they may be.

Manga is more than just a term for a Japanese comic book. Manga has its own art styles, audience categories (like shonen and shoujo) and unique print sizes, while stories typically read from right to left.

Perfect for reading on the go, while the small size helps to keep production costs low.

So in addition to our wide range of paper types, weights and finishes, our manga is available in A5, A6, B6 and Manga Standard sizes. And we can print your files in reverse order too!

Looking for larger comic book sizes? Click here.

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Mixam is rated as 9.4 out of 10 by based on 1664 reviews.
Could not be better
1 day ago [Booklets]
The upload experience was great, the printing and delivery smooth and the final product was faultless. Very highly recommended!
Great service
2 days ago [Booklets]
Easy to understand, quicker to deliver than even predicted and great quality! Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs this service
Amazing customer service!
Donna Landale
2 days ago [Booklets]
Amazing customer service! Amazing quality and prompt delivery! I would definitely recommend this company!
Super easy to set up and beautiful result!
Chris Hogben
3 days ago [Booklets]
Received and it looks BEAUTIFUL. Thanks to all at Mixam - my first time doing this and the artist and I are absolutely delighted with how they look! Plus their website is stonkingly amazing. So clear. Looking forward to sending over another order sometime!
Zine - great service and printing
4 days ago [Booklets]
I ordered a zine which arrived earlier than expected and I also received a few extra copies. I found the website informative and simple to use. The zine came exactly as expected and is excellent quality and colours. Great value for money. So pleased with the printing service and I will definatly be ordering again in the future. Thank you Mixam!
Perfect bound book
5 days ago [Booklets]
I was extremely happy with price and delivery time. Print quality was good but I was not so pleased with the finished product as the trim seemed a bit hit and miss (or maybe it was an issue with the folding).
Recommend to anyone
A J Everitt
5 days ago [Booklets]
Great communication, great help, friendly team, fast delivery, cheap price, great product.. what more do you want?
Wow! Great products and great service.
5 days ago [Booklets]
Wow, I am thrilled with my booklet and flyer. The website is easy to use and the turnaround times are quick. Great service and great products!
Very happy with the outcome although…
Daniel Törnell
5 days ago [Booklets]
Very happy with the outcome although what would be of good help is, showing examples of the different types of papers you can print on. I took uncoated because I was unsure but I ordered a second time, gloss, and that was what I was aiming for Initially
Great service and the finished product…
5 days ago [Booklets]
Great service and the finished product is perfect! Highly recommended.
Brilliant quality and excellent…
Ailish O'Neill
6 days ago [Booklets]
Brilliant quality and excellent customer service.
Absolutely brilliant service
1 week ago [Booklets]
Absolutely brilliant service, books came out perfect
Great quality!
Ms Mariella Villalobos
1 week ago [Booklets]
Great quality, fast, no hassle and arrived right on time, including alerts for delivery and estimated time of arrival! Can’t say enough good things about these guys really.
Excellent quality
2 weeks ago [Booklets]
Excellent quality, very helpful staff and quickly delivered as promised!
Brilliant from beginning to end
Karagh Byrne
2 weeks ago [Booklets]
Brilliant from beginning to end. Fast, good quality and top service. Thank you.
Info for file setup

Manga print file setup information

How to supply your print files
You can supply your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
Your cover is made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover.
We ask for a 3mm bleed on all manga. Please do not include any important content within this area.
The binding options available for manga are: saddle stitched or stapled, and perfect bound.
Please note:
These available binding options are entirely dependent upon the number of pages and paper weight selected for your order. This is because there comes a point where the combined paper thickness is too much to effectively staple or stitch together, and will instead need to be held together by adhesive (otherwise known as ‘perfect binding’).
The opposite is true if there are too few pages for perfect binding to work. Our dynamic ordering system is smart enough to know when a limit has been reached, and will automatically switch to the required binding option.
Spine (for Perfect Binding)
If you choose perfect binding you have the option to upload the spine as a separate print file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
The spine will also need a 3mm bleed at the top and bottom.
Completing your order
Before you can complete your order, you must make sure all page placeholders have been completed. For example, if you are ordering 32 pages, all 32 boxes must be filled. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages.