How To Print With Mixam

How do you print online with Mixam? Get from start to finish with this simple guide.

Instant Quote Calculator 

Start your order journey by getting a free quote from our Instant Quote Calculator on our Home page or every product page.

If you change your print specifications, our Instant Quote Calculator updates your quote automatically. You can choose Paper WeightsBinding options, and Finishes. You can also see available production options and estimated delivery dates. When satisfied with your quote and estimated delivery date, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. An order summary will then appear so you can review the details.

You can add more items to your Cart by selecting an item from the Products tab at the top of the website and entering your specifications into our Instant Quote Calculator. You can learn more about how to add multiple items to order via our Multiple Artworks Support Page.


Proceed and Upload Files

Once you’re happy with your quote and estimated delivery date and have added it to your Cart, click Continue to upload your filesThis step will create a pending order number that you can reference when talking to our print experts, and it will help you keep track of your order. You can also review proofs and confirm your order for production.

We recommend opening a free Mixam account to access your orders and details and save progress securely. It takes less than a minute, and when you log in, you can review open quotes, paid orders and artwork.


Artwork Tab

The Artwork Tab is the place to upload your design files, check proofs and make changes to your print specifications if necessary.

There are several ways you can upload your print files. You can:

  • Drag your files into the Artwork area
  • Click the ‘Upload files’ button
  • Upload your files from a Dropbox account
  • Paste a file link

You can upload a variety of file types, but we recommend PDFs. If your item has a spine, upload your spine artwork as a PDF file or as part of your cover spread. Visit our File Formats Support Page to learn more about the file types you can upload for print.

Extra Tips: Uploading Artwork

  • We recommend uploading a flattened version of your files to ensure easy uploading. 
  • Avoid uploading large files, as they can be problematic and cause issues when generating a proof.

How To Change Print Specifications

  1. Click the Artwork tab.
  2. Click the ‘Change Options’ button under your print specifications summary. The Instant Price Calculator will appear, and you can make adjustments. Your quote will automatically update on the right-hand side of your screen. 
  3. Click the ‘Update Order’ or the Cancel button above the Calculator to save your changes, and we’ll redirect you to your Artwork tab.

If you’ve manually moved pages via the thumbnails, your artwork may revert to the original page sequence, so ensure you review your files and page order.


Reviewing Artwork

Once you've uploaded your artwork, we recommend viewing the ‘Preview’ and ‘PDF Proof’. The ‘Preview’ is a virtual flipbook or 3D representation of how your final prints could appear.

For Bound items like Booklets or Magazines, you can flip through the pages to ensure all your pages are placed correctly in the correct order. For flat items like Postcards, the preview lets you view both sides to ensure your design has the correct orientation. Our printers will use the PDF proof to print your project, so please fill all grey boxes with artwork or blank pages for the ‘Proof’ button to appear. 

To ensure your artwork appears correctly in print, we recommend downloading the PDF Proof to your desktop and viewing files in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. You should also set the Overprint Preview to ‘Always’ and note that viewing your artwork in an internet browser may affect artwork quality and colour.

Our intelligent software will notify you of potential print issues, such as resolution, incorrect page sizes, etc. It will also recommend solutions to resolve the issues before your project goes into production.

All artwork should include the required bleed and additional recommended file setup specifications. You can also reference our CMYK vs RGB Support Page to ensure your printed colours are as accurate as possible.


Details Tab

The Details tab contains the following information: your Billing address(es), preferred Dispatch method, a Cost Summary and taxes on applicable print items or delivery address(es).


Split Delivery

Split delivery lets you send prints to multiple addresses. You can add more delivery addresses by clicking the ‘Add another delivery address’ button and choosing how many prints you want to send to each address. Quantities for your original address will adjust automatically. If you have issues, please review the auto-filled information carefully and manually input it.


Payment Tab

The Payment tab will become accessible when you have filled in the Details tab. Check out our Payment Support Page to view the full range of options.


Order Confirmation

After filling in your Artwork, Details, and Payment tabs, the last step is to confirm your order at the top of the page. We can only print your order once you confirm it, so please review your PDF Proof thoroughly before confirming.

For queries regarding delivery or production timeline, please contact us.


Messages Tab

We are happy to answer any questions you have about your order in the Messages tab. If we need to contact you regarding artwork, production updates or inquiries, we’ll also contact you in the Messages tab. Every time we contact you, you’ll get an email, so please check your Spam/Junk folders for emails from us, as they can sometimes land there.

Please note that the Messages Tab is not a chat feature. We reply chronologically to customer messages and emails and will respond as soon as possible. However, we recommend using the Chat feature on our website or calling us for immediate assistance.


Production and Dispatch

At Mixam, we don’t solely rely on our system to check your artwork files for you. Our print experts will also review your files and tailor their artwork checks. If you are placing a proof order before a large offset print run, let us know in advance, and a print expert will review your files accordingly.

  • Paused Orders

If we find issues that we believe could impact your final prints, we will change the status of your order to ‘Paused’ so you can make corrections. 

We do not send paused orders to production. But we’ll send you a message recommending changes you can make to ensure optimum print results. You can reconfirm your order without making the suggested changes, and please send our team a message to let us know you are happy to proceed.

  • Print Production

Confirmed Orders will enter production provided no further changes are needed. From prepress checks, to printing, binding, and packing, they all have an essential part in the production timeline. We will notify you if there are any changes to your estimated production timeline. 

  • Tracking Information

We will send you tracking information via email so you can keep updated on delivery and timings via the dispatcher’s website.


How To Reorder Prints

Mixam account holders can reorder prints. Log in, and in your Order History tab, locate the relevant order and click the Reorder button. You can then amend the quantity, other details and confirm your order. If you placed an order but don’t have an account, contact our print experts and provide your order number so we can arrange a reorder. Remember to review your proofs and order details, particularly if your address(es) has changed. We’ll send your order to production once it’s paid for and confirmed.


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