VAT on printing

Knowing which printed products include VAT can be complicated. So let's discuss VAT in more detail, which products incur it, and some exceptions.


VAT exempt products

VAT (Value-Added Tax) is a compulsory financial tariff levied at each stage of the supply chain - from production to the final sale. We calculate the VAT on prints based on the product price. VAT only applies to some, not all, products.

So, if you're wondering which printed items are VAT exempt, we created a list below. You should note that there can be exceptions to this list, so please read the Exceptions section carefully.

VAT exempt (zero-rated) products:


Example of a hardcover book

VAT (standard rated) products

Generally, VAT applies to a printed product if it’s intended to be written on, or if it’s of a particular size.

The following items are NOT VAT-exempt:

Several printed business cards


We apply VAT to prints that will be written on or if they're a certain size. Any multi-page, bound products that include forms, lines, or pages with space to write, draw, or colour in, are NOT exempt from VAT. This rule also applies to Comic Books with Variant Sketch covers. Similarly, if you use a Booklet or Book print product to create a Diary or Journal, your print order will NOT be VAT-exempt.

However, if more than 25% of a Leaflet or Flyer consists of a form or other design intended to be written or drawn on, the product is NOT exempt from VAT. 

For example, you could create a 4-sided folded leaflet with a form design on one side. This portion would take up 25% of your print design, making it no longer exempt from VAT. But if you created a 6-sided folded leaflet with a form on one side, that only takes up 16.67% of your design - so it would be exempt from VAT.

IMPORTANT: Whether a product is VAT exempt or not will be subject to sight review of the artwork by the experts on the Mixam team. Slight differences like product size can affect the VAT status, even if the design is the same. Mixam is always compliant with UK tax laws, but if you have any questions about VAT before placing your order, contact us for advice.



Other exceptions:

  • Children’s Activity Books are exempt from VAT, even if your prints will be written or drawn on.
  • Adult Colouring Books are NOT exempt from VAT.
  • Leaflets and Flyers larger than A4 size are subject to VAT. This rule applies because Posters are not exempt from VAT, and we treat any Leaflets or Flyers as large as a Poster for tax purposes in the same way.

An A3 flyer and an A4 flyer with the same artwork




VAT on delivery

If your Shopping Cart contains products with VAT and others without, we will not charge VAT on the VAT-exempt products. However, you can see the VAT on the combined delivery price.

Delivery vehicles