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Easy to pick up. Hard to put down. Paperback books are made to be read. But they’re also often tossed into suitcases, shoved into pockets, and enjoyed on trains, planes, and sunloungers. It’s important that they maintain their integrity, so that their stories can be told.

Choose from our range of binding options (perfect bound or stapled), paper types and weights, and trim sizes to make sure your epic sci-fi tale or windswept romance novel stays in one piece.

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Paperback book sizes available

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
Novel 203 127
Standard 197 132
Demy 216 138
US Royal 229 152
Royal 234 156
Square - 210 210 210

Binding options available

Paper weight
80, 90gsm 115, 120gsm 130gsm 150gsm 170gsm
Perfect bound 48 - 400 pages 44 - 400 pages 40 - 400 pages 36 - 400 pages 32 - 400 pages

Paper types available

Book body

  • Silk
  • Gloss
  • Uncoated


  • Silk
  • Gloss
  • Uncoated
  • Recycled
  • Natural

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4.8 out of 5, based on 2226 reviews.
4 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Top quality Magazine printing
East London School of Yoga
4 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
good service in difficult times. will use again
Mattl Dallas
4 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Brilliant service. Easy to use and incredibly efficient delivery. Finished products of an excellent standard. Will use again.
Janet Foster
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I have just received copies of a 32-page A5 booklet that I uploaded as a PDF to the Mixam website less than a week ago. I am most impressed with the service, price and general finish - absolutely superb ! I look forward to sending more work to this very efficient company. Thank you.
Wilmal Dunn
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
An excellent reliable company to deal with. They have always delivered when promised, prices are very competitive and quality incredibly high. A big thank you Mixam from Dermagraph UK.
Kiran Samra
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Amazing service especially during a pandemic! Fast communication and delivery and excellent quality
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Quick delivery (ahead of shedule), great quality, absolutely fantastic service!
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
High quality, rapid turnaround, great customer service, good price.
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
The website was clear and easy to use, with all the information I needed to know. My package arrived 5 days before what expected! And it arrived at the exact time it was supposed to arrive as told on an email 10/10
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Quick and easy purchase and an excellent quality product, couldn't be happier with my experience, nor could my colleagues ordering in the States
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I left an earlier three star review when I had issues with my trial order. To be fair to MIXAM, their customer service team then took time to establish what had went wrong; gave me assurances about the bulk order; credited the costs of my trial for that order; and delivered the bulk order on time and with the quality requested. Now a convert and have already followed up with the compliment slips to accompany the book I shall be sending out next weeks. Thanks MIXAM - now happy to acknowledge in a five star review and hope to continue to be a future loyal customer.
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
The quality of print is absolutely fantastic. I am very satisfied and will definitely order with you in the future. Th e only drawback is that there was 10 faulty copies in my 150 order. I really a[[reciate the extra 7 copies I received, but they did not even out the faulty ones
M reit
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Very highly recommended! I ordered the printing of a book, 130 pages and 30 copies. The price was very competitive. The customer service was outstanding and the results are of the highest standard. The printing is crisp and precise, the colours clear and impactful. I recommend Mixam wholeheartedly!
ian simpson
2 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
First time i have used Mixam and i must say, the quality, service and price is superb. Very fast turnaround and very simple to use instructions.
Jeremy Porter
3 weeks ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Perfect! The quality of the pages is wonderful and they sent a few extras, which made up for the one or two that were dented during shipping!
Info for file setup

Paperback book print
file setup information

How to supply your print files
You can supply your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
Your cover is made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover.
We ask for a 3mm bleed on all paperback books. Please do not include any important content within this area.
Format and orientation
You can choose either an A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A5 (148 x 210 mm) format, and a landscape or portrait orientation.
The binding options available for paperback books are perfect bound or stapled. For books with fewer than 25 pages, we recommend printing as a booklet.
Please note:
These available binding options are entirely dependent upon the number of pages and paper weight selected for your order. This is because there comes a point where the combined paper thickness is too much to effectively staple or stitch together, and will instead need to be held together by adhesive (otherwise known as ‘perfect binding’).

The opposite is true if there are too few pages for perfect binding to work. Our dynamic ordering system is smart enough to know when a limit has been reached, and will automatically switch to the required binding option.

Spine (for Perfect Binding)
If you choose perfect binding you have the option to upload the spine as a separate print file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
The spine will also need a 3mm bleed at the top and bottom.
Completing your order
Before you can complete your order, you must make sure all page placeholders have been completed. For example, if you are ordering 32 pages, all 32 boxes must be filled. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages.