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Even in the age of the Internet, direct mail has a part to play in the most successful of marketing campaigns. It’s personal, tangible, and delivers your message and call-to-action into the hands of the very people you wish to engage.

And thanks to our custom direct mail printing service, it couldn’t be easier. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Simply provide us with your files and your lists, and we’ll personalise, print, and post your marketing materials on your behalf. For More Information, Contact Us

Boundless benefits

When you outsource direct mail with Mixam,
you’ll receive the following benefits:

Perfect print

It’s what we do best. Your direct mail materials will be printed to perfection, according to your specifications.

Persuasive personalisation

“Dear Sir,” won’t cut it. Improve response rates by including your recipient’s name and other personalised details.

Pinpoint postage

You supply us with the list of addresses, and we’ll make sure your direct mail materials get there on time.

Careful fulfilment

We handle every aspect of fulfilment with the utmost care, from folding letters to inserting into envelopes, ready for postage.

Clean data

To increase the effectiveness of your campaign, we check every mailing list you supply to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Reduced waste

Working from an accurate list means we reduce waste, avoiding posting materials to duplicate, incorrect, or non-existent addresses.

Certified partner

With an ISO 27001 certificate and Data Protection registration, you’ll have peace of mind that your data’s in safe hands.

High return on investment

According to Royal Mail, 92% of direct mail recipients were driven to online activity, while 87% made online purchases.

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1 day ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I printed a music book so it needed to be sturdy as the pages would need to be turned easily, quickly and often. This wiro-bound book is really well made. Customer service: fast, responsive, polite and helpful Website: easy to use, clear instructions, pretty to look at Quality of product: Even better than I expected. I'm so pleased with it! The sturdiness, appearance and general quality is perfect for what I needed it for. I chose untreated recycled paper and expected it to be like the discoloured paper used in offices. I actually wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between the recycled paper and "new" paper.
Cathy MacLennan
2 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I ordered the printing of a non digitally created 12 page comic from Mixam. For me the digital side of the printing process is tricky and I was very grateful for all the help from the team with advice on preparing files for printing and loading them into the site to order the printing. Great service and quality printing at a fair price! My only criticism is the packaging - it was just a cardboard box with no padding which doesn’t allow for damp weather and was also damaged during delivery. Luckily most of the order was fine. This could easily be remedied. Overall good service!
Mike Overs
2 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
First time user. They provided an on-line Step by step guide to downloading your files and specifying your finished product. When downloaded you were provided with imags of each page highlighting any issues. Best price I could find but that didnt impact in any way on the quality of the finisedh brochures or the delivery time. Mike Birmingham.
amelia mullins
3 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I can not recommend Maxim enough. They have been insightful, helpful, understanding and really listened to what it was I was trying to achieve with the printing of my books. The advice and time they gave were incredible and the quality...outstanding. The paper quality, colour and finish were stunning. I will be going back to print all future books, (if they will have me). I couldn't recommend them enough.
3 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent quality, many options, good price, best webb ordering system, excellent proactive customer service. Highest praise!
L Mi
3 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
A great partner! Mixam has been such a great partner for printing my self-published books. They even worked with me recently to ship over 300 books to Australia. Love the quality and the care they put into their work.
3 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Great communication all the way through the process. Couldn't have been any easier to get the results I wanted.
Ryan H
3 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
So pleased with the print and finish of their products. Really impressed with the entire process from start to finish. Thanks
Katie Thomson
5 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Really pleased with my experience with Mixam. I had a lot of letters that I wanted to turn into a book and this company was the perfect place to do that. They were very responsive and helpful in getting my design uploads right after I made a mistake with sizing. The book arrived today and it is beautiful quality, and is going to make the perfect gift. Thanks Mixam! I will come back again for printing in the future.
Georgina Adam
6 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I ordered 20 copies of a book, Mixam were fantastic, helped me with layout, correct sizing, followed up the delivery and the final product is exactly what I wanted. Thank you Mixam!
Snuggle Münsters picture book
6 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent service, very professional and prompt and responsive. I stumbled across Mixam by chance and found a new home to print my children’s picture book! Better quality and competitive pricing! Thank you again
Barbara Meredith
6 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Always helpful; great customer service when there was a problem. Good quality products and great prices.
Sunita Glover
6 days ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Easy to use. Great service. Great end result!
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
Very impressed with Mixam. I ordered a large quantity of brochures. They were great quality and arrived on time. Such good value. Highly recommend Mixam and will definitely use again. Many thanks.
Michael Drew
1 week ago [Brochures, Magazines & Booklets]
I’m very pleased with Mixam both from the point of price (which compared really well with other providers) to quality of the finished print. I found the templates useful but more importantly the structure of Mixam’s website booklet builder superb. Well done and thank you!