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Canvas prints are an easy way to turn your photos into stunning focal points for any room. Available in a wide range of sizes, we’ll print on flexible, long-lasting polyester fabric and wrap it around solid wooden frames, giving you glare-free images with sharp, even tones. Whether upgrading your child’s drawings from the fridge to a Wall Canvas, showcasing a family photoshoot, or decorating an office space, you can expect edge-to-edge quality that lasts.

Non-account holders can place orders, but we recommend creating a free Mixam account and signing in. Select an item from the categories at the top of the website, and choose your print specifications, free quote and estimated delivery date via the Instant Quote Calculator. Click Add to Cart, then Continue, and upload your files to your Artwork tab. Visit our How To Print With Mixam Support Page for more information.

You can create artwork by hand, scan it or photograph it and upload images to your desktop. You can also use graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Canva, or Affinity Publisher. To ensure print-ready files before upload, download Our Instant Quote Calculator's downloadable PDF templates to lay out your designs. Alternatively, click the Design Online Tool to create artwork in your order (visit our Support Page for more information).

Design your artwork according to your print size so it appears centrally within the trim box in your Artwork tab. The quiet area is the fabric wrapped around the canvas frame and is invisible from the front. You don’t need a quiet area if no artwork or colours meet the edges. Please contact our team if you need assistance.

Start a pending order by adding a quote to your Cart and clicking Continue. Please label your files clearly before uploading with names like Page_1, Page_2, etc., so our system can place your files chronologically. Drag and drop files from your desktop or upload them from your computer, online file-sharing accounts like Dropbox, or a web URL. You can upload single and multi-page files to orders. Visit our Print File Setup Guide for more information.

You can upload many file types, and we’ll convert them into high-quality PDFs. You can submit them as single, double, or individual files. Ensure your files are in CMYK colour mode before uploading. Visit our Colour Guide for Printing and File Formats Support Page to view the complete list of accepted file types.

A multi-piece shipment refers to a single order containing multiple items. Once you add your first quote to your Shopping Cart, you can repeat the process for the same item or add a quote for another item via the categories at the top of the website. You can then upload your files to each item in one order.

Once you’ve uploaded files in your order’s Artwork tab, you can preview them via Thumbnails, an Online Preview and Downloadable Proof. Mixam’s automatic file checker will scan your files, but please also check all files manually, especially your Downloadable Proof, to review and fix issues before we send your order to production. Visit our Proofing Support Page for more information, and contact our print experts by chat, email or phone for assistance.

The cut-off time for confirmed orders is 4 pm GMT every workday. It would help to confirm your order before these times to secure your estimated delivery date. Unconfirmed orders may mean you receive a new estimated delivery date. Visit our Shipping and Delivery Support Page for more information.

We aim to get your order to you by or on the estimated date you choose on our Instant Quote Calculator. While all delivery dates are not guaranteed, we’ll inform you at the earliest opportunity if a delay occurs. Visit our Shipping and Delivery Support Page for more information, and contact our team in advance if you have a deadline, and we’ll try to accommodate.

You can familiarise yourself with our quality, products and paper stocks by ordering free printed samples here. You can also create a test print before placing a larger order by ordering one copy via our Instant Quote Calculator. Please note that delivery can take longer depending on your location, but you can contact our team if you have any questions.

Our Canvases don't include a hanging kit, but we attach a metal sawtooth hanger (a metal hook with jagged edges) to the centre of the wooden frame's top edge. These heavy-duty hooks suit a range of weights and sizes, meaning canvases are supported and are easy to hang.

We use the gallery wrap technique. We’ll print your photographs, paintings or drawings onto fabric and stretch the edges so the graphics are continuous as they’re wrapped around the wooden frame, covering it and the stretcher bars beneath. We’ll then fasten the fabric tightly on the back with staples so they’re invisible from the front.

Keep Canvas prints clean with electrostatic cloths or vacuum with a brush attachment. Never use a cleaning liquid or compound. You should also keep prints away from direct sunlight and shield them from damp conditions to ensure longevity.

Chat or Call us on: 01923 594 252 to speak to our friendly customer service team.


How To Upload Your Files
  • We'll convert your files to PDFs, no matter which file type you upload. For high-quality prints, upload files at 300 dpi, as images below 100 dpi may appear pixelated. Mixam will print your images onto fabric and wrap them around a wooden frame. You can download a free PDF template to your specifications to help you format your design correctly. You can also visit our File Formats Support Page to learn how to submit your files.
200 mm x 200 mm
400 mm x 400 mm
500 mm x 700 mm
600 mm x 600 mm
400 mm x 500 mm
500 mm x 750 mm
500 mm x 1000 mm
600 mm x 750 mm
300 mm x 1000 mm
300 mm x 300 mm
400 mm x 600 mm
500 mm x 500 mm
600 mm x 800 mm
300 mm x 400 mm
500 mm x 600 mm
200 mm x 300 mm
200 mm x 600 mm
200 mm x 250 mm
300 mm x 600 mm
750 mm x 1000 mm
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