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Scuffs, scratches, spills - it’s all too easy to damage our beloved books. But if you want to protect your work from further wear and tear, adding a dust jacket is the oldest trick in the book.

Protective yet personal, the dust jacket layout means you can add information about the author, highlight reviews, display publisher information and include promotional material. They're one of the first things we notice when we pick up a book and can be responsible for a book’s success. Dust jackets are a compelling design feature for books of all subjects and incorporate a layer of sophistication to your work.

Special Finishes

Metallic Foil

Boost your book’s appeal with shiny lettering or timeless graphics. Our metallic foiling will ensure your dust jackets catches the light and the eyes of book lovers alike.

Spot UV

Spot UV is one of the trendiest ways to revamp your dust jacket. High quality, high shine and high impact - adding spot UV will allow your book to stand out on bookshelves and away from the competition.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination amplifies reader’s expectations before they even reach the first page of your book. Protective by nature and adding some extra polish, this lamination will give your project the attention it deserves.

How to add a dust jacket to your order

Visit the Books section under the ‘All products’ tab at the top of Mixam’s website. Dust jackets are available for the following items:

On each of these product pages, you will see our Instant Price Calculator. Scroll down to the bottom of the Calculator, and you will see an option to add a dust jacket to your design. The price will update straight away once you select the dust jacket option. You can then choose between colour printing vs greyscale and select a finish. Click ‘Add to Cart’ once you are happy with your quote and estimated delivery date.

Select the dust jacket option at the bottom of the Instant Price Calculator. A checkmark will appear in the box, and you can then choose your print specifications.

How to design your dust jacket

There are five key elements to consider when creating your book jacket design:

  • The front cover
  • The front flap
  • The back cover
  • The back flap
  • The spine

The dust jacket flaps will be slightly shorter than the dimensions of your front and back cover. As the end flaps will fold inside the book, you will need to make space in your design to accommodate these folds. Creating a template with fold guidelines will ensure your printed dust jacket wraps around the entire book without any strain or tightness. Working with a template will also help you place your content in the correct order and prevent text and graphics from becoming obscured. Your template should also include trim lines, bleed and quiet areas. You can download templates from our hardcover books product page.

How to set up your dust jacket file

Your dust jacket will be printed on one single sheet of paper and wrapped around the outside of your book. Please supply your artwork as a single spread design.

When uploading your files, please also name your design appropriately so our system can identify them and print them to the correct dimensions. Acceptable file names can include keywords such as "dustjacket", "dust-jacket", "dust_jacket" and "dust jacket".

Size and orientation Width x Height Flap width
A6 portrait 105mm x 148mm 60mm
A6 landscape 148mm x 105mm 80mm
A5 portrait 148mm x 210mm 60mm
A5 landscape 210mm x 148mm 80mm
A4 portrait 210mm x 297mm 80mm
A4 landscape 297mm x 210mm N/A
Novel portrait 127mm x 203mm 60mm
Novel landscape 203mm x 127mm 80mm
Standard portrait 132mm x 197mm 60mm
Standard landscape 197mm x 132mm 80mm
Demy portrait 138mm x 216mm 60mm
Demy landscape 216mm x 138mm 80mm
US Royal portrait 152mm x 229mm 80mm
US Royal landscape 229mm x 152mm 80mm
Royal portrait 156mm x 234mm 80mm
Royal landscape 234mm x 156mm 80mm
210mm square 210mm x 210mm 80mm

Example dust jacket artwork dimensions