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How Does PrintLink Work?

With PrintLink, it's never been easier to bring your book to life. Choose from various quality print options from our Instant Quote Calculator. Upload your artwork and provide essential details like publication and payment information. After approval, you'll receive your very own PrintLink - a personalised link that empowers you to effortlessly sell your book, reach more readers, and even customise your pricing structure to maximise earnings.

Easy Setup

Starting your self-publishing journey has never been easier with Mixam's intuitive online quote system and artwork manager. You can edit your content any time, and our expert print team is always on standby to assist you every step of the way. With no setup or editing fees or ISBN registration required, you can focus on creating your best work and leave the rest to us.

Track Sales in Real Time

Stay on top of your book sales with our intuitive publisher's dashboard, providing real-time updates on order placements, sale amounts, and order statuses. With this powerful feature, you'll have the tools you need to monitor your book's performance, track its success, and make informed decisions to maximise your profits.

Customised PrintLink

Easily distribute and sell your book on your terms with your personalised PrintLink. With no limitations or restrictions, you can showcase your book anywhere you choose, including your website, social media, and email. You can even sell on other self-publishing platforms. With just a few clicks, your audience can preview and purchase your book in seconds.

Virtual Preview

Hook potential customers by giving them a tantalising glimpse into your book's content, layout, and design. With our virtual preview feature, you're in control of how many pages are revealed, allowing you to expertly increase interest, build anticipation, and ultimately sell more copies of your work.

Dynamic Pricing

With three pricing strategies to choose from - set at production cost, fixed markup, or a percentage markup - you can easily adjust your prices to meet your goals and maximise your profits. Unlike other print-on-demand services, you can change your pricing strategy at any time, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different prices until you find the perfect one.

Monthly Payout

With no minimum sales requirements, you can start earning from your book sales immediately! Your customers can easily purchase your books through your PrintLink using their credit or debit cards. You'll get paid the second week of the following month from when the order was placed. Payments and payouts are processed securely by Stripe. Simply link your bank account details and you'll get payouts directly deposited into your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can open a free Mixam account to manage your print-on-demand orders conveniently in one location. To open an account, sign up here.

You don't need an ISBN or barcode in your publication. But you can read more about these features on this Support page.

Your customer will receive a confirmation email containing a summary and order number. If they don’t find it in their Inbox, they should check their Spam and Junk folders. They will also receive one or multiple high-quality printed copies of your publication to their address based on the details they stated at the Checkout. Tracking details should also become available after their order leaves a production facility. If your customer does not receive tracking details after seven working days, we encourage them to contact our team of print experts who can assist. Please note response times may take longer during peak season.

You can have the peace of mind that if you find an error in your publication, you can immediately turn off your shareable link. While you cannot prevent copies in production or the shipping process from reaching your customers, you can stop future orders completely. Log into your Mixam account to turn off the link and re-upload your error-free files. When a print expert has completed their checks, we will send you an amended copy of your publication for your approval. Once you’re satisfied with your new version and have confirmed your order, we’ll give you a new publication link, which you can enable and share online. We recommend only enabling your publication link once you have checked and are satisfied with your physical copy.

If your customer has an issue with their physical copy, e.g. there is a print error, it’s arrived damaged or is missing, we advise emailing at the earliest opportunity. They should provide an order number, overview, and photographic evidence. Our professional Care and Resolutions team will review the remarks and photographs supplied and will offer the best solution possible.

If your order doesn’t arrive 1-2 weeks after you place your order, email with details, including your order number. Our Care and Resolutions Team will respond within a couple of working days. Please note response times can take longer if a case is complex or contact us during peak season. We also kindly ask that customers refrain from sending follow-up emails about the same issue and should check their Spam and Junk folders. 

If your customer has an issue during the checkout process, e.g. a payment error, a website error or a publication is no longer available via the shareable link, call 01923 594 252 or email and provide as much detail as possible so we can get them back on track.

Print on demand (POD) is a process that allows you to customise and sell items with your artwork or design. We’ll print items only as they’re ordered rather than in bulk. Mixam’s print-on-demand service handles the processing, payment, production, and fulfilment, combining advanced printing technology and the knowledge of real print experts. POD benefits include:

  • No commitment to large print runs 
  • No large budgets needed to start 
  • It’s a low-risk print method
  • No need to have an ISBN or barcode
  • It’s eco-friendly

And PrintLink benefits include:

  • An online preview letting customers preview and buy publications
  • 24hr support 
  • A wide range of print options 
  • Fast production times
  • No sign-up fees

You’ll earn income every time customers purchase your publications. Select Fixed Markup or Percentage Markup to enable sales in the Pricing Strategy section in your Mixam account. When a month ends, Mixam will pay your gross commission within the first two weeks of the following month via Stripe Connect. Please allow up to 2 weeks for payment to appear on your bank statement. You can view sales transactions and revenue in your Mixam account’s PrintLink tab, and processed payments will be visible in your Stripe Connect account. To learn more about how much you could make, please refer to the table on this page.

You can link your bank account before placing an order or if an item is unavailable for PrintLink. Log in to your Mixam account, go to your PrintLink tab and follow the instructions.

You don’t have to pay for an initial copy. You can share the link to your publication and start earning once you’ve confirmed your order. However, please check your proof thoroughly before sharing your link online to ensure your pages and artwork are present and appear in the correct order.

Please note that you must set up your Stripe Connect account to start selling and earning commissions via PrintLink.

  1. Log in to your Mixam account and click the PrintLink tab.
  2. Click the Link Bank Account button at the top of your screen.
  3. Please complete the online form with your details. You can add a social media profile or product description if you don't have a website.
  4. Click the Agree & Submit button. We'll redirect you to the PrintLink tab. Click the Payment Dashboard button at the top of your screen to view your Payment Summary.

You can also connect your bank account to Stripe Connect via a previous order:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the PrintLink tab.
  3. Click the Active Publications tab.
  4. Select an order number.
  5. Scroll to your order's PrintLink tab.
  6. Click Link Bank Account.
  7. Fill out the online form.
  8. Click the Agree & Submit button.

Log into your Mixam account, select a free quote and upload your print files to your Artwork Dashboard. Ensure you have added bleed to all print files before uploading. Your content should also be high resolution and supplied in CMYK colour mode. Our print experts can advise and assist you via phone and the Messages tab.

To convert a previous order to a PrintLink order:

  1. Ensure you connect your bank account with Stripe.
  2. Log into your account, click your Orders tab and the relevant order number.
  3. If the order has a ‘Publishing Available’ label in the PrintLink tab, choose your specifications and click ‘Create Publication’. 

You can print anything you like with us providing your content is legal, copyright-free and abides by our T&Cs.

Mixam has a team of knowledgeable print experts who are always on hand to help via phone, email or in the Messages tab. No matter your printing experience, you can discuss your work with people who can give you and your customers the best prints possible.

Step 1 - Log into your Mixam account and click My Account.

Step 2 - Select the PrintLink tab.

Step 3 - Click Settings.

Step 4 - Click the Payment Dashboard button.

Step 5 - Head to the Payout Details section to update your banking information.

Mixam collects VAT from your customers, and since Mixam pays you, you don’t need to take any action. Please visit our VAT Support Page for more information.

We offer specific printing options because no matter whether your customers order one copy or hundreds, our production facilities batch orders with similar print specifications in the production queue. This procedure means we can produce the most economical prints as efficiently as possible.

Suppose you want to set up a previous, existing order with PrintLink, but your original print specifications are unavailable. In that case, we’ll offer alternatives as close to the originals as possible without compromising quality.

If you want to set up a new order for PrintLink, but some print specifications are unavailable, we’ll offer you alternatives. We will not provide alternative sizes, but we may offer alternative paper types and weights.

Some items may include a small, discreet 0.189” (4.8mm) QR code on the last text page, back cover or both, usually in a lower corner. Every QR code has its own product number, allowing us to track the order from production to delivery. Only the product code will be visible if scanned, and all other order details will remain private.

We can ship customer orders internationally from the UK using services other than Royal Mail.

When you share your publication link online, customers can purchase copies by clicking the Buy button. Every PrintLink publication you create has one shareable link. Once they’ve entered the number of copies they want, they can securely enter their details at the Checkout.

Customers can return orders by sending physical copies to Mixam UK LTD, 6 Hercules Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 7GS or contact us for alternative options. We issue refunds daily; your customers will receive their refund in their account in 2-3 business days. For publishers, we'll deduct an amount from your account in the first two weeks of a new month. We'd then total all the sales minus the refunds and calculate the commission we owe you.

Our print-on-demand service is available in the UK and the US, but we plan to expand this to other countries. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for updates!

You can change your order specifications anytime. Even when you’ve confirmed your order, enabled and shared your link, and your customers have purchased copies, you can still return to it and modify features like paper weight, cover finishes, and more hassle-free. Customers who buy your publication after you’ve made the changes will receive your publication with the updated specifications. Only when aspects like orientation, artwork changes and page quantity are changed will your order need to re-enter the approval process with a Mixam print expert before you can reshare your PrintLink. And your URL will remain unchanged no matter how many edits you make.

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