How to submit your files

Uploading your print ready files to Mixam is easy. While we prefer high resolution PDFs, we also accept a wide range of file types. Please see the relevant sections below for information about different kinds of files, products and bindings.


File types we accept

We recommend submitting the pages to be printed in the form of a single high-quality PDF file; each page of the PDF document corresponds to a page in the final, printed product. If you prefer, you can also upload a separate PDF file for each page in your project.

We also accept two page spreads. Our system is smart enough to figure it out!

You can even upload a two page cover design with a spine as a double spread. Most people prefer to upload the front cover, back cover, and spine designs separately.

Our system will also accept Word, .jpeg, .png, and .tif files.

Acceptable file formats
Acceptable file formats

Simple file formats

If you’re printing a poster, flyer, business card, or any similar two-sided product, all you need to do is upload a multi-page PDF file. Alternatively, you can upload a separate file for each side. Just make sure that the alignment of both files is the same (portrait or landscape).

Optionally specify individual pages creating a PDF
Optionally specify individual pages creating a PDF

Saddle stitched file formats

To print a saddle stitched (staple bound) booklet, you can submit one multi-page PDF in reading order. The first page should be your front cover, the second should be your inside front cover, and so on. The last page will be your back cover.

You can also submit a separate file for each page or double page spreads, if you prefer. Once all files have been uploaded you can rearrange the page order by dragging the thumbnail to its new position.

If you name your files by their position (e.g page 4) our system will understand and automatically place them!

Specify all pages creating a PDF
Specify all pages creating a PDF

Wiro bound file formats

Just like a saddle stitched format, when printing in a wiro bound booklet you may submit a single PDF with all the pages of your project in the correct reading order. Again, start with the front cover and end with the back cover, with the pages of content in between.

We also accept separate files for each page, as well as double page spreads for this format.

Specify all pages creating a PDF
Specify all pages creating a PDF

Perfect bound and paperback file formats

The main thing that distinguishes this format from the previous ones is the perfect binding, which means that you may want to add a spine to your cover design. There are two ways to do this.

The first is to upload a double page spread that includes the designs for your front cover, back cover, and spine in one file.

The second option is to use our Shopping Cart’s built in Spine Calculator. When you begin your order, this tool will automatically calculate the proper width of your book’s spine.

You can name the file you upload as ‘spine.pdf’ and our system will place it correctly. If you are uploading a separate file for the spine please remember to add bleed.

Since you need to upload a separate file for the covers of perfect bound books, the rest of your files should begin with the first interior page and end with the last page before the back cover.

Spine width shown in the shopping cart
Spine width shown in the shopping cart

Case bound and hardcover file formats

To print a case bound product, you’ll need to upload a spine along with your cover design. As described above, there are two ways to do this: you can upload a double page cover spread including the spine, or you can use the Spine Calculator tool in your shopping cart.

Keep in mind that the cover pages for a case bound book have considerably larger bleed areas than those of the interior pages. You need a 20mm bleed for the cover design to properly to wrap around the sides of the book board.

Hardcover designs for casebound books can be tricky, so we recommend downloading our book printing templates.

Spine width shown in the shopping cart
Spine width shown in the shopping cart

How do I submit my files?

Uploading your files to Mixam’s print ordering system couldn’t be simpler. And there is absolutely no obligation for you to buy the product, even after you’ve uploaded your print ready files.

Once our price calculator has determined the cost of your project, click ‘Add to Cart’, then continue to ‘Next Step’ to enter our ordering system’s Artwork Dashboard.

On the left you’ll see the following text: ‘Please drag your file(s) here or use the button below to upload your artwork. Please note that page order is rearranged every time a file is uploaded.’ You can drag and drop files from your desktop or upload them from your computer, your Dropbox account, or even a web URL.

If you choose to upload several files, you can name the files in the order you want them to display and our system with automatically put all of the pages in the correct order. For example: file1.pdf, file2.pdf and so on, or page1.pdf, page2.pdf, etc. These numbers will determine the order in which we lay out the pages.

You can also use words like ‘front’, ‘back’, ‘last’, and ‘inner’ in place of numbers, if you prefer.

You can also change the position the pages by dragging the thumbnails.

Submit your print files on the Artwork tab of the order page
Submit your print files on the Artwork tab of the order page