Special print options

We offer a growing number of specialist printing features and finishes to make your project look amazing. Choose from the options below and follow our step by step print file set up guides.

For special print options not available in our price calculator please Contact Us for a custom quote.

Spot UV

Spot UV is also known as UV coating. If you’ve ever noticed a shiny surface applied to certain parts of books or magazines that catch the light and give them an interesting texture. it is probably a spot UV.

A UV Coating is applied over the artwork, which creates a semi-translucent area that creates an eye-catching and really slick finish for company reports or business cards. You can tailor which parts of the artwork are finished with the spot UV, allowing you to give certain areas more shine than others.

Spot UV set up guide

Booklet with spot UV on the cover

Spot colours

Spot colours are a great way to bring something extra to a print job using specialist inks like fluorescents or metallics. But they can also be used to ensure complete accuracy on your printing, since they use pre-mixed ink instead of layers of colour. This means you can ensure consistency of tone across a variety of formats and finishes and get the perfect colour every time.

Spot colour set up guide

Booklet with spot colour on the cover

Metallic foil

Although there are a fantastic range of metallic inks available, sometimes you need the real deal: a foil. Foils are used to create the shimmering effect of a precious metal like copper, silver, or gold, and add the ultimate luxurious finishing touch to your print job.

Foil set up guide

Booklet with foil on the cover

Variant and sketch covers

Make your comic or graphic novel even more collectable with one of these popular extras.

You can choose to have your order printed with variant covers–that is, different artwork on the covers of the same comic book! Variant covers can feature exclusive artwork or specialty finishes to create highly collectible editions of your comic.

Sketch covers are custom front pages that are printed on uncoated paper so artists can add custom art to the cover even after it has been printed. This is a way to create the ultimate collector’s edition of your comic book.

Variant covers set up guide

Comic book with two distinct covers

End papers

End papers are also known as end sheets or end leaves. They are the posh looking, decorative pages you see just inside the front and back cover of a hardback book. They are made with a slightly heavier stock than the internal pages and can feature a solid colour, a feature pattern, or even custom artwork. End papers are a great way to make your hardcover book look elegant and professional.

End Papers set up guide

Hardback book with printed end papers

Dust jackets

The dust jacket (also known as a book jacket, dust wrapper, or dust cover) of a book is the detachable outer cover, made of printed paper stock that’s laminated. This outer cover has folded flaps that hold it to the front and back book covers. The primary purpose of a dust jacket is to protect a collectable book from wear over time.

Dust jacket set up guide

Example of a dust jacket

Cloth covers

To a create a timeless classic, give your hardback book a textured cloth cover, which are available in a wide range of rich colours with optional foil stamped lettering and a dust jacket. This vintage style of book is perfect for limited editions and crowdfunding reward goals.

Cloth covers guide

Case bound book with a cloth cover
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