Dust Jackets

Here's how to wrap readers up in your story with dust jackets for books.

Dust Jacket Design

A book dust jacket is a detachable outer cover with folded flaps. The folded flaps wrap around the front and back of the book covers to prevent dirt and damage from affecting a book's appearance and durability. 

Dust jackets preserved cloth-covered Hardcover Books in the 1800s. Today, dust jackets are a great way to enhance the presentation of your book with beautiful art.

We print dust jackets on 170 gsm silk paper stock with gloss or matt lamination. And for a striking and eye-catching effect, you can also add gold or silver foiling.

You can get creative with these detachable covers that wrap around your book. These flaps, a.k.a. panels, are perfect for displaying information about the author, reviews, social media profiles and more.

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Example of a printed dust jacket

Dust Jacket Setup Guide

Because we will print your dust jacket as a single sheet and then wrapped around the outside of your book, please supply your dust jacket artwork as a single spread design.

When you upload your dust jacket file, please name it clearly so our system can identify it and print it to the correct dimensions. Acceptable file names can include keywords like dustjacket, dust-jacket, dust_jacket or similar.

From the finished internal book size, add:

  1. 7mm to the front and back cover width
  2. 6mm to the front and back cover height
  3. Add your spine width
  4. Add the required flap sizes to each side
  5. Add 3mm bleed to all external sides

For custom-size dust jackets, anything that has a width under 200mm, we recommend a 60mm flap. And for a design that's 200mm or above, we recommend an 80mm flap.

Hardcover book with a dust jacket partially attached
Size and Orientation Width x Height Flap Width
A6 Portrait 105mm x 148mm 60mm
A6 Landscape 148mm x 105mm 60mm
A5 Portrait 148mm x 210mm 60mm
A5 Landscape 210mm x 148mm 80mm
A4 Portrait 210mm x 297mm 80mm
A4 Landscape 297mm x 210mm 80mm
Novel Portrait 127mm x 203mm 60mm
Novel Landscape 203mm x 127mm 80mm
Standard Portrait 132mm x 197mm 60mm
Standard Landscape 197mm x 132mm 60mm
Demy Portrait 138mm x 216mm 60mm
Demy Landscape 216mm x 138mm 80mm
US Royal Portrait 152mm x 229mm 60mm
US Royal Landscape 229mm x 152mm 80mm
Royal Portrait 156mm x 234mm 60mm
Royal Landscape 234mm x 156mm 80mm
210mm Square 210mm x 210mm 80mm

Example Dust Jacket Artwork DimensionsExample Dust Jacket Artwork Dimensions


Dust Jacket Special Options

If you have selected foiling or Spot UV for your dust jacket, you must create a new file for this layer to your design. Metallic foil requires a custom quote, so please send us an email with your order number if you have one.

Hardcover book with gold metallic foiling

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