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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Mixam is committed to providing eco-friendly printing, blending quality print aesthetics with low environmental impact. You can choose from a range of recycled paper stocks for lithographic and digital printing: Silk, Uncoated, and Natural. Silk and Uncoated paper boast bright white hues, durability, and tactility. Meanwhile, Natural paper is unbleached, lightly textured, and has an off-white appearance.


Why Does Mixam Offer FSC Paper Stocks?

The Forest Stewardship Council is a not-for-profit organisation "that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests". 

Forests play a crucial role in combating climate change, and by offering FSC-certified paper stocks, we can help preserve them and protect habitats for numerous species and local communities.

Note: Due to copyright, you may not include official FSC trademarks, logos, Mixam's FSC registration number (right) in your print file designs. You must obtain your own certification to label or claim your products as FSC-certified. Visit the FSC website for more information.

FSC-Certified Paper Stocks: Silk, Uncoated and Natural

FSC-Certified and Carbon Balanced at source: Recycled Silk, Uncoated and Natural

What Kind of Inks Does Mixam Use?

We print with vegetable-based inks. The benefits of plant-based inks include:

  • They emit fewer pollutants than petroleum-based inks containing finite crude oil and release harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during printing. Petroleum-based ink manufacturing contributes to CO2 emissions, exacerbating climate change and harming the environment.
  • Aesthetically, they provide fast-drying, full-impact colours, offering striking brightness and intensity.
  • They’re renewable, meaning they aren't made from a raw substance until they run out.
  • The de-inking process before recycling is easier as no harmful chemicals are needed. This results in less energy consumption during paper processing.
  • They contribute positively to environmental health. Vegetables, which replenish soil with nitrogen, play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, especially in agriculture.

How Does Mixam Reduce Paper Waste?

State-of-the-art printers produce multiple copies of your print file designs on large sheets of paper to ensure we only use the necessary amount to fulfil an order. Next, the sheets are stacked and trimmed to maximise space, reducing energy consumption and waste. Additionally, all scraps are recycled, minimising the need for additional paper and lessening energy, water, pollution, and deforestation.

Does Mixam Use Eco-Friendly Packaging?

A carbon footprint quantifies carbon dioxide emissions generated by human activities. Several production centres use recycled packaging materials to reduce their carbon footprint. Cardboard packaging is easily recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, and minimises strain on landfill.

Furthermore, the volume of raw packaging materials reduces shipping costs. With a diverse selection of high-quality packaging options for print items, print facilities can make the most of their available floor space.

Which Recycled Paper Stocks Are Available?

Most recycled fibres in our paper stocks comprise 100% post-consumer waste. Slight colour variation may occur between batches as papers are not dyed or bleached; instead, colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials, resulting in potential shade differences. Note we cannot guarantee colour consistency from order to order. 

You can choose from various recycled paper options (availability may vary):

Recycled Uncoated Recycled Silk Recycled Natural Archival Matt (Giclée Art Printing) Archival Uncoated (Giclée Art Printing) E-Photo Silk Lustre (Giclée Art Printing)
80gsm 100gsm 80gsm 240gsm 300gsm 190gsm
90gsm 120gsm 100gsm     260gsm
100gsm 135gsm 120gsm      
120gsm 150gsm 135gsm      
135gsm 170gsm 170gsm      
150gsm 190gsm 250gsm      
170gsm 250gsm 300gsm      
190gsm 300gsm        
250gsm 350gsm        

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