Our guide to folded leaflets

The folded leaflet is the quintessential print product for marketing and promotional materials. Whether you’re printing brochures, programmes, menus or posters, you’ll find a multitude of folding options to choose from. To order folded leaflets click here.

Our unique, intelligent upload system

Our intelligent software allows you to upload your files as single pages or panels, just as you would a book.

So long as the pages are numbered, or supplied in the correct reading order, our smart system - the first of its kind - will automatically place them in the correct position.

And once uploaded, you can also drag the pages to a new position if desired.

Alternatively, you can choose to supply your file with just two pages - Side 1 and Side 2. In this case, you must make sure your content is positioned on the correct panel once folded.

If you’re unsure, please use one of our templates as a guide.

The Mixam way:

  • Unique, intelligent print file upload system
  • User-friendly
  • Drag and drop pages into place once uploaded
  • Downloadable templates available

Downloadable print file templates

Please select the relevant template from the dropdown menu

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Folded Leaflet 3D Preview

Thanks to our unique system you can view a 3D preview of your finished leaflet, and with a simple click of a button you can fold and unfold it.

You can even drag and drop the files to change the order, and it’ll all be updated in real-time.

Click here to get started with your next folded leaflet order, and try it for yourself.

Choose your folding method

Please note

  • The size on the price calculator is the final folded size of the paper, not the full unfolded size. This means an A5, 4-sided leaflet starts life as an A4 sheet, before being folded in half. And a DL 6-sided leaflet is an A4 sheet folded twice.
  • We crease and then fold paper that’s 170gsm or higher. Although this won’t prevent the paper from cracking outright - if you have heavy ink coverage on a folded area, it’s more likely to crack - it does help quite a bit.

Seeing (and feeling) is believing

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