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Colouring books have long been popular for children, but in recent years, adult colouring books have become incredibly trendy, too. Mixam can print your custom colouring book, whether you’ve created a small children’s colouring booklet for a church group or an elegant, elaborate colouring book for adults.

Uncoated papers are ideal for printing colouring books, because uncoated papers are easy to draw on with pens, markers, or crayons. Visit our support section to learn more about the types of paper Mixam offers.

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4.7 out of 5, based on 2882 reviews.
Christie Anditama
1 month ago [Brochures]
Really happy with the outcome of our booklet. Everyone was so impressed with the quality. Great value for money, communication, templates etc...
1 month ago [Brochures]
Hardcover books were a new product category for our small business, so we were a little out of our depth with getting our new journal produced, but Mixam's team was responsive to my questions, helped ensure our art files were correctly laid out, and the overall quality of the production run was perfect! Would definitely recommend Mixam to others looking for quality printing/binding services.
1 month ago [Brochures]
Mixam is a fantastic printing company, and one aspect where they shine the most is with their customer service. Printing can be an incredibly stressful experience, but the Mixam staff was knowledgeable, patient, and incredibly kind throughout the process of printing our books, which is a project that has meant the world to us and many others. Simon, Jo, and Lucian especially stood out during our experience with Mixam and deserve the highest praise. Each one of them is very easy to talk to and really go above and beyond for clients. Simon, the representative I most often spoke with, was absolutely amazing! I was always really happy to talk with him because I felt assured that he would be able to find a solution to any of my concerns. Every phone call ended with a sigh of relief because Simon was always on top of things for my friends and I. I really appreciated how swiftly he put in notes on the order and reached out to the necessary parties to make sure everything was handled for us, especially with setting those tricky trim boxes (which, again, thank you so, so much for doing!). Both of our orders required a bit of extra attention as we worked out various issues, but Simon was always very patient and kind during the process. He really cares about his client’s happiness, and that really shines through as he was instrumental in making our final product the best it can be! Jo was another awesome representative that I had the opportunity to work with! She was always very friendly and knowledgeable, offering her advice and expertise whenever I called. She gave excellent feedback on concerns I had about how the spine gutter would impact artwork on the project. I hadn’t been sure about whether adjustments needed to be made on the artwork, but her advice really helped me decide on the right course of action to take! I had the artwork adjusted, and now, the gutter falls in a perfect spot where the important details won’t be obscured by the binding! Lastly, Lucian was an art wizard! He made sure our trim boxes were set correctly on all of our spreads and that one particularly tricky piece that I had been nervous about. I know it was a bit of an endeavor to make those adjustments, but my friends and I were genuinely appreciative of the extra time and effort he put into making the artwork the best it can be! As Simon told me: if anyone can do it, Lucian can! Lucian was also very kind and friendly during our phone call! All three of these individuals did an outstanding job, and every time I recommend Mixam to friends, I always mention these three by name because of their professionalism, kindness, and patience. I can’t really begin to express how much I respect these three and look forward to working with them in the future! Thank you as well to Brendan for helping make final adjustments on the artwork too!
Andrew Sheltra
1 month ago [Brochures]
I couldn't be more impressed with the quality, price, and turnaround time of my magazine! I had also wanted to print a magazine for my photography business, but there were no good affordable options that I could find. Then I stumbled across Mixam. WOW! I couldn't believe the price to quality ratio. They are really a top notch company and the magazine looks GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for helping my vision come to life!
Corin Cozza Page
1 month ago [Brochures]
Great advice from Adam. Brilliant print quality and finish. Very cheap too. I printed a small paperback book using the magazine option on heavier stock and it is perfect. Speedy turnaround. Would use again.
1 month ago [Brochures]
After using a previous book printing service with a different company, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive to use another. But after reading the reviews for Mixam thought I'd give it a plunge. Got my order today and absolutely thrilled with it. Will be using from now on :)
Jeff Vinter
1 month ago [Brochures]
Mixam's have always provided excellent service, quality and value for money; I cannot fault them. The staff are nice and have always been most helpful on the rare occasions when there have been problems.
A Peters
1 month ago [Brochures]
Found Mixam online via a google search, I have never printed a zine before so wasn't sure what I was getting into. I found the Mixam online process so incredibly easy, my whole order including file upload and preview was done in less than 5 mins, and when the fanzines arrives they were fantastic. Postage was swift, packaging was very environmentally friendly and the print quality on uncoated stock was great. Not only would I highly recommend them, but I have already used them twice more for fanzine printing, and have many more publications I would like to do with them!
1 month ago [Brochures]
Excellent service . I love the result . I’m just about to print more copies of my first book (paperback with colour illustrations) .
2 months ago [Brochures]
Excellent quality. Really pleased with the service.
2 months ago [Brochures]
Really efficient ordering process and quick delivery. Super happy with the quality of my order too, will definitely be using their service again.
2 months ago [Brochures]
The quality of the printing was great and more importantly Dan who assisted us in setting our printing up was very patient and helpful. Would defiantly recommend.
Ms J Eyers
2 months ago [Brochures]
I gave 5 stars for the quality of the produce received and neat way you put the book together on their website. However, if you hit a problem they are a bit slow at answering, but they will do eventually!
Trish Morgan
2 months ago [Brochures]
Easy to use website, clear instructions. In depth information to explain how to prepare artwork and why. Quick turnaround and quality is excellent.
Johnathan Musgrave
2 months ago [Brochures]
Shopping with Mixam was a fantastic experience, my prints come out beautifully, Mixam spared no expense. I couldn't be happier, the quality of paper, ink they just amount to a premium service. Ps: the fast shipping was unbelievable. I will definitely be shopping with Mixam again.
Info for file setup

Colouring Book Print File Setup

How to upload your files
You can upload your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
Your cover is made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover.
We ask for a 3mm bleed on all colouring books. Please do not include any important content within this area.
The binding options available for colouring books are: saddle stitched or stapled, and perfect bound.
Please note:
These available binding options are entirely dependent upon the number of pages and paper weight selected for your order. This is because there comes a point where the combined paper thickness is too much to effectively staple or stitch together, and will instead need to be held together by adhesive (otherwise known as ‘perfect binding’).
The opposite is true if there are too few pages for perfect binding to work. Our dynamic ordering system is smart enough to know when a limit has been reached, and will automatically switch to the required binding option.
Spine (for Perfect Binding)
If you choose perfect binding you have the option to upload the spine as a separate print file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
The spine will also need a 3mm bleed at the top and bottom.
Completing your order
Before you can complete your order, you must make sure all page placeholders have been completed. For example, if you are ordering 32 pages, all 32 boxes must be filled. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages.