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Our Print Finishes

When you’re ready to take your handiwork from the screen to the real world, you should consider the type of finish you’d like on your print. Do you need the cover of your brochure laminated?

Do you want the pages of your book varnished? Would you like your business card to ‘pop’ with some Spot UV?

If you’re not sure what any of this means, this is the page for you. Here you’ll find all the information to help you choose the ideal print finish for your project.


Choose your print finish

A laminate is simply a plastic coating applied to the finished product. It is durable and offers a high degree of protection, therefore prolonging the life of the item.
We really can’t recommend lamination enough. It’s ideal for products such as hardcover books and catalogues, protecting from scuffs and scratches, and preventing folds from cracking and ink transferring or rubbing off onto fingers.And once laminated, the paper will not tear.

We offer three options for lamination:

  • Gloss - which, as the name suggests, offers a high gloss finish
  • Matt - which is muted and offers a nice ‘classy’ finish
  • Soft Touch - which is a lush matt finish with a soft, tactile feel
Note: Your file can be supplied as normal when selecting this option.

UV Varnish
Varnish is an ink applied to paper stock to give the page a smooth finish.
It offers a lesser degree of protection in comparison to lamination, but it does seal the printed material, therefore preserving it.
Usually a varnish is applied from edge to edge and is a good alternative to laminate.
We offer two options for UV varnish:
  • UV Gloss - which is a high gloss and visually similar to gloss laminate
  • UV Matt - which dulls the colour, but is not as noticeable as matt laminate
Note: Your file can be supplied as normal when selecting this option.

UV Spot
As the varnish is an ink, it can also be printed in specific areas. This is known as Spot UV.
While it offers no protection, it is a striking visual effect. Spot UV is high gloss, and for the very best results we recommend selecting a matt laminate, then Spot UV for the ultimate contrast between the background and the area you wish to draw attention to.
It’s a terrific option for highlighting a brand name or logo on a business card, or to make a particular feature of your design more prominent.
Your file should be supplied as a PDF in the same manner as a spot colour, with the spot varnish labelled or named ‘Spot UV’.
3D UV is a similar finish to the Spot UV, the only difference being that the ink is thicker. This raises it from the surface to add prominence and texture.
This is ideal for a real unique, premium look and feel.
Note: Your file should be supplied in the same manner as Spot UV.

Still unsure about which finish to choose?

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